Bermondsey Corner is an independent family and friends venture, merging lifestyles and culinary passion. 


Quentin and Jean Michel are both Bermondsey Street locals who have a common vision and years of experience in the food and beverage industry.


The project was created during the lockdown, which gave them the time to think about the design and the sourcing of their selection. 


Nowadays people are more committed and passionate about what they eat and drink. Information is based on where the produce comes from and how it is made. We are just as interested in the story behind our food and drink as we are in the quality and taste. 


The finest ingredients and produce from the very best suppliers around the UK, France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece...and more to come.


Quality, traceability, transparency, and sustainability are the key to what they believe in and what is important for them to share with you.

In this chapter, a collaboration has merged with the famous bakery Comptoir Gourmand to create a new era with the Biscuit Town project: reviving the name given to the neighborhood back in the late 1800s.